Dr. Robert Morse, the Detoxification Specialist

Dr. Robert Morse is an American naturopath, biochemist, iridologist and herbalist. After an intensive personal detoxification and healing experience, Dr. Morse decided to dedicate his life to the well-being of all people.

He’s been running a health practice for 25 years, specializing in the lymphatic system, iridology, nutrition, herbal medicine and in particular, body detoxification. He’s also the founder of the International School of Detoxification.

Understanding Our Species

Humans are the only species that does not know how to feed itself. Children may instinctively choose the right foods for themselves, but they lose this ability very early due to today’s large selection of processed foods.

The type of food that people eat today has evolved very far from the natural diet of our ancestors. Dr. Morse considers this to be a cause of the genetic weakness and degeneration of cells that he observes in his patients.

Cooking changes the chemical structure of food and reduces its electrical energy field. Processed foods contain an unnatural mixture of ingredients that our bodies cannot utilize well.

Dr. Morse works tirelessly to educate people on what needs to be done to reverse this trend of consuming highly processed foods and allow for the experience of true health.

fruits and vegetables – alkaline food

How The Body Works

To understand the nature of health and disease, Dr. Morse repeatedly explains how our bodies work.

Why do we eat and what happens to the food we eat?

We eat because it tastes good, but also to provide enough energy for our bodily functions. Many people chew and swallow their food without thinking about how it’s utilized by the body. We assume that everything that’s edible can also be processed by the body.

But this is not true. Food has to be broken down by our enzyme-rich digestive juices so that the individual nutrients and other components can finally be released into the blood via the intestinal mucosa. From there, they’re transported to our multifunctional liver for inspection, which then breaks the particles down, stores or releases them unchanged for transportation to their destination.

It becomes problematic when the liver is confronted with many substances from highly industrially processed foods that our bodies cannot use or that even have a toxic effect.

The liver, lymphatic system and excretory organs then work at full speed. The insidious thing is that we may not even notice the harmful effects for a long time. Only when the barrel overflows do the first physical problems arise and we don’t even realize where they come from.

The Lymphatic System

While medical professionals focus attention on the blood and colon, the importance of the lymphatic system is often overlooked – but not with Dr. Morse!

The lymphatic system is at the heart of Dr. Morse’s detoxification protocols. This is all about this, as Dr. Morse recognizes the lymphatic system as an important excretory organ that’s closely related to detoxification and overall body health.

The lymphatic system consists of the lymphatic fluid and vessels, as well as the primary and secondary organs. The two primary organs are the thymus and bone marrow, and the secondary organs are the spleen, tonsils, intestinal lymphoid tissue, appendix and lymph nodes.

Lymphatic System

Unlike other body systems that are tied to one organ, lymph fluid is present everywhere. It collects cellular metabolic waste, viruses, bacteria and damaged or degenerated cells in the cell spaces in order to transport them back into the bloodstream. The lymph is transported to the lymph nodes, where most of the effect takes place. The nodes are gatekeepers, so to speak, because the lymph nodes contain white blood cells, the lymphocytes. These white blood cells attack and destroy bacteria and viruses.

The lymphatic system also ensures fluid balance in the body. A stagnant lymphatic system can lead to fluid retention and pressure in the body’s tissues and prevents the all-important detoxification, which is why lymph flow should always be supported.

drink the rainbow

Supporting The Lymphatic System

The essential tools to support the lymphatic system are movement and adequate hydration.


Since lymph vessels do not have a pump, lymph flow occurs primarily with the help of movement. Even light exercise moves the muscles throughout the body, compresses the lymphatic vessels and allows the lymphatic fluid to flow from valve to valve. A walk, a dance or jumping on a trampoline are wonderful ways to stimulate lymph flow.


Dr. Morse pays great attention to ensuring that the body is supplied with plenty of fluids and nutrients. As the main remedy, Dr. Morse is a proponent of freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruits and herbal teas. This flush the body alkaline and metabolic waste and acidic toxins can be removed much easier.

mucus-free diet according to Arnold Ehret

Detoxification Power of Food

Dr. Morse divides foods into the following categories according to their ability to detoxify the body:

  • Fruits, berries and melons promote detoxification
  • Herbs, green leafy vegetables and sprouts support detoxification
  • Other vegetables slow down detoxification
  • Starch (potatoes, rice, bread, etc.) stops detoxification
  • Nuts, seeds and legumes stop detoxification
  • Cooked food stops detoxification
  • Protein-rich foods such as dairy products and grains have a reversing effect on detoxification and are highly mucus-forming

This explains why Dr. Morse recommends fruits, freshly squeezed juices and herbs during the detoxification phase. Detoxification can be slowed down somewhat with vegetables or starchy foods. Depending on the disease, a detoxification phase can last one to two years.

For the time afterwards, Dr. Morse recommends a healthy plant-based diet, which can consist of fruits, freshly squeezed juices, fresh salads with a fatty dressing and steamed vegetables.

tumeric ingwer shot

The Special Importance of Fruit

For Dr. Morse fruits play an important role in achieving the best possible physical detoxification. Why do fruits particularly support detoxification of the body?


Fruits have a high water content of 75-95% and are rich in enzymes. This means that our bodies are fully supplied with enzyme-rich plant cell water.


Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. While the density of vitamins is remarkable in fruits, the debsity of minerals is much greater in vegetables. This means that fruits have a particularly draining and purifying effect, while vegetables tend to have a more structuring and restorative effect.


Fruits are colorful and they taste and smell good. The so-called secondary plant substances contribute to this. Only in recent years have scientists recognized the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of these substances.

Around a hundred thousand secondary plant substances are now known, including polyphenols. They are not essential nutrients, but do have antioxidant properties. A subgroup of polyphenols are flavonoids, which are plant pigments responsible for the red, blue, light yellow and violet colors of many vegetables and fruits.

OPC (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins)

Since grapes and especially grape seeds have a particularly high amount of OPC, they play a big role in Dr. Morse detoxification recommendations. In order to achieve the best possible detoxification, Dr. Morse suggests a multi-day detox with freshly squeezed blue grape juice.


Dr. Morse also recognizes the richness of biophotons and thus the energetic effect of fruit. Fruit thrives in the sun and is therefore very rich in biophotons. The phenomenon of biophotons was discovered in the 1920s by the Russian biologist Alexander G. Gurwitsch. He was able to prove that plant cells emit light. Today it’s assumed that the weak light stimuli play an essential role in the transmission of information between the cells of human bodies.

Dr. Morse statement

Our Bodies Follow Our Beliefs

Dr. Morse points out that hindering beliefs make healing very difficult. In order to enable comprehensive detoxification, a change in consciousness, a change in perception and the desire to enter the space of recovery are required. You must be willing to let go of preconceived notions. He believes there are no incurable diseases, only incurable thinking and incurable beliefs. Our bodies follow our beliefs.

The mind should be used to gather information, but not be dominated by thoughts. We shouldn’t believe everything we think. We should rather try to simply exist in the present and enjoy the beauty of each moment. On this basis, the body can also eliminate toxins and pollutants.



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